Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rock Harmonica Lesson 2 - Mixolydian Mode Continued

Right now, the point is to not over think the theory part, which is why I continually say I am "oversimplifying" things in the videos.

Hopefully a few blues players are able to start adding in a few extra notes in the lower two octaves and can now start exploring some jamming in the top octave.

I do move to more intermediate-type advice in the next couple videos. Basically, I am just shooting from the hip besides knowing I am going to talk about the high end of the harp at this point.

I am going to load some top octave Mixolydian playing in the next week as an example of how it sounds over a blues.

After getting threw some action patterns in the next set of vids, I'll get into some third position stuff and then start talking more basic theory of how the scales work and why - including following blues harmony. 

After that will be Major playing and the overlap between Mixolydian and minor playing...that will require some theory as well.

I want to do some "song studies" between lessons, but I am running into two problems.

1.) I am not sure how fair use really works with copyrighted music like jam tracks.

2.) The only way I know how to record to a jam track is through a DAW into Audacity, so no video.

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